Community Events

Everybody loves a yarn bomb!

We try and space the yarn bombs throughout the year, although the Christmas through Easter times of year are the busiest due to the amount of celebrations packed together!

Yarn bombs are planned months in advance, my children find it amusing that I’m working on Valentine’s Day in December!

Any help with a planned event is gratefully received & in true yarn bomb etiquette, participants remain anonymous. It is supposed to be a surprise for the recipients after all!

You don’t need to be an advanced crafter to get involved. As long as you know the basics of crochet, knitting, macrame, sewing, well pretty much any visual craft – come and have a look to see what we are up to next!

Head on over to our BLOG for upcoming announcements.

To get involved please use the form below or visit us on Facebook.

You can also join the group for the yarn bombs via our Facebook page.

Christmas Yarn Bomb 2020

Valentine’s Day Yarn Bomb 2021

Easter Yarn Bomb 2021

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