Crochet Along · Picnic By The River

Picnic By The River part 1

My youngest daughter is a slave driver. 😱

She’s always interested in anything I make & this CAL is no exception.

She’s figured out I’m making a picnic blanket but as she’s only two she can’t say picnic, she says ‘pick-pick’ which is great until every time I get up for a toilet break, to eat or drink she bellows at me: ‘NO MAMA! MAKE PICK-PICK!’ 🤣

Anyway, the Tunisian entrelac centre is finished & was very enjoyable. I’ve also managed to put the wavy border on ready for part two.

I’ve been working on a tapestry crochet piece at the same time & noticed the back of my entrelac was extremely neat when I am supposed to be having loads of ends to sew in. 🧶
Turns out I had been carrying the yarn on the back of the entrelac and hadn’t noticed, I was subconsciously grabbing and weaving it in like I would with tapestry crochet! 🤷🏼‍♀️

Now, time for some basketweave!

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